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Sustainable Engineering, Planning, and Design

East End of George Washington BridgeThank you for visiting blueshorellc.com. BlueShore is a consulting and design engineering firm serving primarily the Lower Hudson River Valley, New York City, northern New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut coastal communities.  We are based in the Township of Teaneck in Bergen County, New Jersey.  We focus on the following areas of practice:

  • Coastal and Marine Engineering:
    Design of shoreline stabilization, revetments, retaining walls, bulkheads, piers, & wharves. Design of marina systems, floating docks, and mooring systems.
  • Flood Zone Engineering:
    Planning for coastal construction in a FEMA flood zone. Design of wet and dry floodproofing. Design of hazard matigation measures.
  • Structural Engineering and Investigations:
    Investigation and design of residential and commercial building structures and foundations.
  • Permitting:
    Coastal and Marine Engineering designs must consider the rigorous requirements of environmental agencies. We coordinate design and permitting to bring your project through permitting quickly and efficiently.
Pier Inspection

We design projects that are buildable, permittable, durable, and meet the needs and expectations of the owners.  We provide personal service on a wide range of projects, from minor shoreline protection projects for the homeowner to larger marina design and renovation projects.

The breadth of our experience can be applied to the many aspects of coastal projects, but this experience can also be applied to inland structures and foundations as well.  As you review our areas of expertise detailed on the pages of this website, consider how we can assist you on your coastal and inland projects.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.

"Engineering" the shore:

In planning coastal projects, a design must first avoid impacts to the environment and natural resources.  If avoidance is not possible, and a compelling purpose and need for the structure can be demonstrated, then the design must minimize the potential impacts, and mitigate for any impacts that are unavoidable. Hundreds of years of engineering successes and failures demonstrate that the most natural solutions provide the greatest benefits for ours and future generations.

BlueShore Engineering considers low-impact sustainable design and construction to be the first design criteria of every project. We are honored to participate as members of the following efforts:

HRNERR - Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Advisory Committee

Appropriate design and regulation of engineered shorelines is a significant part of preserving natural fisheries resources, bird habitat, water quality, and public access to the waterfront.  This committee's efforts provide guidance and coordination among themany regulators, consultants, and stakeholders on our Hudson River shoreline.